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Foreign Trade

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Expanding Business TX & MX

Expanding Business TX & MX offers specialized services to entrepreneurs who want to open or expand a business in the region of North American, namely Mexico and the United States.
Our commitment is to provide our clients with the administrative, legal, logistical, and cultural assistance needed as well as to be there for them at each and every step of the way to provide support with any issues that may arise.


  • Offering professional advice on taxes, legal issues, and foreign trade issues to companies looking to expand their business in North America while concurrently focusing on their individual needs and the particular market niche they serve so that they may grow and become established successfully.


To be a group of the best consultants with the experience, ethics, professionalism, and the clear focus needed to assure our clients they will receive a warm, friendly, and hospitable welcome into the world of business in a foreign country and ensuring they take advantage of the benefits of the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Zima Negocios
Braun Huerin