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1. Real Estate and Construction in the State of Texas. Escamilla and Poneck, LLP has the experience in developing, writing and negotiating real estate and construction contracts. The Firm has a team of highly competent litigators to tackle real estate and construction litigation.

2. Human Resources in the State of Texas. Escamilla and Poneck, LLP has vast experience in advising on all employment matters, including developing employee handbooks, employer policies that conform to state law and representing clients in employment litigation.

3. Corporations and Federal Income Tax. Escamilla and Poneck, LLP, through its attorney, John D. Rice, CPA and JD, can handle the development and structuring of Corporate entities in the State of Texas. The firm is also competent to represent clients on all Federal Income Tax matters and advocate before the United States Internal Revenue Service.

4. Immigration. Escamilla and Poneck, LLP offers a full range of legal services related to the immigration needs of our foreign clients. The firm has a vast experience in filing and processing immigration petitions of all types. The firm also has vast experience in representing clients before the United States immigration courts and in the Federal Courts.

5. In the Automotive Industry we have advised companies who have presence in Canada, the United States, and Mexico on issues regarding:
-Import and export of company assets
-Mergers between companies in this industry
-Loan applications

6. In the Software Industry we have facilitated the establishment of foreign companies in Mexico assisting them with:
- National Registry of Foreign Investment Notices
- Distribution Agreements.
- Confidentiality Agreements.
- Protection of rights in National Institute of copyright law.
- Protection products that already have patents